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Miles of Hope is the only national program to combine
the proven power of posters with the effectiveness
of vehicle graphics to address our greatest
national crisis: Missing Children.

Basic platform and enclosed van are the most popular
types of larger trucks.
More than five million large
trucks travel more than 115 billion miles annually,

averaging 22.8 thousand miles per truck.
15% of
these trucks are "for-hire" trucks, which contribute
42% of the truck miles.

Truck use has increased significantly in the last 5 years.
Between 1987 and 1992, the total miles traveled
increased by 49 percent. Nearly
1,500,000 new truck
tractors were registered in 1997.

Trucks -- Are a hard-hitting new medium
Statistics show, on average,
a single trailer makes 10
million impressions annually.
With reflective film,
a trailer makes
14 million impressions!

An American Trucking Association survey found:

  • 96% of respondents noticed the message displayed on trucks

  • 98% said fleet graphics created a positive
    image for the company

  • 96% said fleet graphics had more impact
    than billboards

  • 99% of police surveyed report that pictures of the child are the most important tool for locating a missing child.

A child is reported missing every 18 seconds.

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