There are four groups which intersect


here to make this campaign possible: 

Our Sponsors

Search Party Partners are missing persons organizations that catalog each child's ID, for Step 1: Database and recovery services.

Photo Scanning Partners located nationwide allow parents to keep their child's photo, for Step 2:"While you wait" photo scanning service.

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The Children

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Installation Partners provide fast graphics
application services for truck-mounted images--
100 images digitally reproduced (color or b/w), adhesive backed, designed for exterior application, ready for
Step 3: Installation on trucks and

MVP fleets around the country

Many other sponsors and supporters have joined in the Miles of Hope search for missing children. We thank them, and send our prayers to those families who need help, and hope, of this kind.

When you see the next tractor trailer, it may be
carrying he most precious cargo of all... Hope
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