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The Children

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Recognizing there are many children in need and at risk across the country, Sign Biz president, Teresa M. Young, established the Miles of Hope foundation in October of 1999.

A nationwide network of Local Partners for missing children poster installations was then created.

For each missing child sponsored, Miles of Hope will procure 100 full-color digitally printed 2’ x 2’ child images on weatherproof reflective vinyl film, and have them placed on the back of 100 trucks nationwide by its network of certified Local Partners. These 120 Local Partners are trained and equipped for to handle all aspects of the technology required for these images.

The Miles of Hope Foundation got off to a fast start with visibility generated through Truscelli Team Racing, a young Indy race team that features the Miles of Hope logo on its racecar and 53’ transporter, and the first Miles of Hope missing child poster, for Mikelle Biggs.

Many sponsors and supporters have joined in the Miles of Hope search for missing children. We thank them, and hope that your family can help us as well.

The cost per vinyl poster, including installation, scanning, and follow-up services is $150. Each child's campaign of 100 posters distributed nationally is sponsored for $15,000.

Studies conducted by the American Trucking Association reveal that there is no greater medium for wide and cost-effective exposure of any image than on over-the-road trucks. (For details, see our Information page.)

Our Mission:
Together with child search organizations around the world, to place the images of missing children where 210 million drivers on our roads today can view them. Day or night, never out of sight.


When you see the next tractor trailer, it may be
carrying he most precious cargo of all... Hope
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