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Rigs for Kids Celebrates 
the Rescue of Kaylee Knox

November 3, 2003


(November 3, 2003)  During the New York City Launch Events for Rigs for Kids, a group of representatives from corporate America learned about a missing child, Kaylee Knox. Mr. Keith Knox, her father, reached out to the group as he shared his journey and the pain associated with searching for his missing child. Many people were moved to tears and touched deeply by Keith Knox's story. 

As you may recall, Kaylee's non-custodial mother officially abducted her, June 13, 2003. However, her father's ordeal began several months earlier. Keith spared no travail in his attempts to find Kaylee, and the courts finally agreed that having the whereabouts of Kaylee unknown was not acceptable and indeed potentially harmful to Kaylee. Private and public investigators were close behind the abductor on several occasions, but could never quite catch up with her. 

In September, the Rigs for Kids Project placed Kaylee on 7 mobile billboards throughout the southern U.S., and focused deployment in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana, where sightings had occurred. Panasonic Consumer Electronics featured Kaylee Knox on their Times Square Billboard, which generated leads and increased public awareness. 

On Friday, Oct. 24th Michelle Knox turned herself into Galveston, Texas, law enforcement and was taken into custody. After posting bond she is now awaiting her next hearing. The National Rigs for Kids Project, Child Watch of North America and the Puerto Rican Family Institute are thrilled to report that Kaylee Knox is home with her Dad. 

Mr. Knox asked that we offer a special thank you to OTR Media, Panasonic, Shell Oil Products US, CBS-2, Child Watch of North America and the Puerto Rican Family Institute, the sponsors of the Rigs for Kids Billboards that featured Kaylee and offered Mr. Knox miles of hope during the most difficult time of his life. 

Rigs for Kids is a national project driven to bring missing children home. Isn't it time your company gets behind the wheel of this meaningful project? Together, as partners, we can make a difference in the lives of missing children and their family members.

You can help in the location and prevention of missing children by viewing pictures and reading street proofing tips provided by the site partners. Each case contains a picture and a description of the child. Where appropriate, picture(s) of abductor(s) are also included. You can also read other documentation provided by Miles of Hope, help sponsor a child’s image on a truck through the Adopt-a-Truck program, or link to related non-profit sites participating in the Miles of Hope campaign.

Miles of Hope Local Partners are located in most major cities. They scan photos and install the weatherproof missing child posters on vehicles. You may contact them for more information by linking to them here: Links

Please help remedy a national crisis. Take a moment to view Miles of Hope on the Internet or call 1-800-690-FIND. Tell your friends, associates, and family members about the service. Your assistance could make the difference to a child’s life.

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