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Racecar Driver Features Poster of Missing 


(February 2, 2001) January 1999 sparked the beginning of the Racing for the Missing program. 

Since that time, nearly one hundred missing children and adults have been profiled on the hood of the #94 NASCAR Featherlite Series Chevy Monte Carlo, driven by Darrell LaMoure of DTM. 

"We have successfully introduced the issue of missing persons into the largest spectator sport in the world," said Darrell LaMoure.

The families and friends of the missing persons who are profiled are invited out to the race to meet Darrell and enjoy the event. "Anytime we can bring two families together and we can share comfort between their suffering and share a common goal, we are successful," LaMoure stated.

Along with our own Kent Jacobs, individuals featured include Kristin Madafferi of North Carolina, Chandra Levy, Jacqueline Vasquez, Amy Bradley, Latoya Thomas, Rachel Cooke, and Elizabeth Smart of Utah among many others.

You can help in the location and prevention of missing children by viewing pictures and reading street proofing tips provided by the site partners. Each case contains a picture and a description of the child. Where appropriate, picture(s) of abductor(s) are also included. You can also read other documentation provided by Miles of Hope, help sponsor a child’s image on a truck through the Adopt-a-Truck program, or link to related non-profit sites participating in the Miles of Hope campaign.

Miles of Hope Local Partners are located in most major cities. They scan photos and install the weatherproof missing child posters on vehicles. You may contact them for more information by linking to them here: Links

Please help remedy a national crisis. Take a moment to view Miles of Hope on the Internet or call 1-800-690-FIND. Tell your friends, associates, and family members about the service. Your assistance could make the difference to a child’s life.

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